Meet the staff. 

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Trav Neumann


Trav is a native of Smithsburg, Maryland. He graduated from Smithsburg High School in 1973 and has been married to his high school sweetheart Cindy for 40 years. He has 3 children, 3 grandchildren and has lived in the Smithsburg area now for 54 years. 

Trav has an engineering degree from HCC and a B.S. engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University. He completed an MBA in business in 1998. He’s held a variety of management and executive roles in his business career.  He co-founded a company in 1998 and successfully sold it in 2006 to go into full time ministry. He graduated from Sovereign Grace Pastor’s College and helped plant Living Hope Community Church in Frederick, Maryland. Trav works 20 hours per week bivocationally to support his family. 
Growing up, Trav and his family attended St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Smithsburg. Although ‘confirmed’ in 7th grade, he’d heard the gospel innumerable times in the rich traditions of the Episcopal Church but never personally trusted in Jesus Christ. During his senior year in high school, his oldest and youngest brothers were killed in a car accident that he witnessed moments after it happened. This began a 3-year journey of wrestling with agonizing questions about the meaning of life, death, how could a good and loving God allow such a tragedy. 

Pastor Doug Bailey came along side Trav when he was 20 in that difficult season and over time, lovingly & patiently shared from scripture that while what had happened was indeed tragic, a greater eternal issue loomed. He shared the gospel with Trav and explained that tragedy doesn’t shelve the need for forgiveness through faith in Christ in order to be reconciled to God. This was so hard to understand at first. Trav bought a Living Bible and read and read and read. Over the next few weeks & months, he asked God to help him understand and believe. Doug was so instrumental helping him to understand these significant realities. God was faithful, heard his prayers and in May 1975, Trav became a Christian as he turned from his sin and put his faith in Jesus Christ and trusted Him for forgiveness.  

Trav has has been very active in the 4 churches he has served over the past 42 years. He has served as a youth group leader, musician, bible study leader, teacher, deacon, elder, elder board president, small group leader, church administrator, and has lead mission trips and outreaches. While serving at Frederick for 8 years he pastored 5 family life care-groups, co-lead the biblical counseling ministry, served on the leadership team, was part of the preaching team, taught various classes, and served in many administrative areas of the church operations. For 4 years, he taught systematic theology, apologetics and hermeneutics at the high school LTC co-op near Frederick. 

Trav’s desire for many years has been to plant a church in his hometown of Smithsburg. He and Cindy are eager to serve their community and to share not only the gospel, but their very lives for the good of the community and bring glory to God- all to the praise of glorious grace. 


Brad Willock

Admin Pastor,ELDER

Brad grew up in Funkstown and moved to the Smithsburg area in 1989 where his school locker would be next to the girl of his dreams. Always with a soccer ball at his feet, Brad excelled in high school and went on to play soccer at the collegiate level at Bucknell University.  After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Brad and Becky were married and Brad took up a job in Information Technology consulting.

While active in the church growing up, it wasn't until 2004 that Brad came to saving faith. While reading the autobiography of Bill Bright, the Lord opened Brad's eyes of faith. He saw his need for forgiveness of sin and placed his faith and trust in Christ and began an exciting, new faith filled life journey. Brad and Becky became very involved in their church’s children’s ministry in staffing, training, and program development.

In 2007, Brad began to feel the stirrings of a call to ministry. He entered Liberty Seminary and graduated in 2012 with a Masters in Christian Leadership.  In 2010, with the desire still growing, he submitted his internal sense of calling to the pastors at Living Hope Community Church in Frederick and his burden to see churches planted in Smithsburg, Washington County, and beyond. While at Frederick, Brad had the privilege of working on projects and ministries in a variety of areas; counseling, children’s ministry, polity, technology, and leading a care group.  Following an detailed elder evaluation, Brad was confirmed as an Elder/ Pastor of Redeeming Grace Church.

Brad continues to work in IT leading workforce management for a global consulting company and has been a part of the Smithsburg community for more than 25 years. Brad and Becky have been married for more than 19 years and have 9 children; several through adoption and many with special needs. At his 6th grade confirmation, Brad was given Philippians 4:13 as a verse to commemorate the occasion.  The strength God provides has carried him through many trials and his confidence rests in the promise of that same strength for the days to come.