One the best ways to get plugged in at Redeeming Grace is by serving on one of our weekly Ministry Teams. Fill out the form below and we will help you find the best role for you to serve in based on your interests, gifts, abilities and availability. You can also leave a message related to a particular area of serving you are interested in.

Descriptions for each of the Ministry Team serving areas is below.

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Ministry Teams
Future Ministry Teams (Please let us know if you're interested in serving on these teams.)

Children's Ministry:  1st - 4th Grade

Purpose: To provide a safe, secure, orderly, and fun environment for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of our children as they hear Gospel-centered teachings.

Looking For: Members to serve in children’s classrooms, on the Children’s Security Team or on our Creative Team to eventually lead the older classes’ assembly times.

Serving Schedule: Members serve once per month from 10:00-11:45 AM. Parent participation required if you have children being served in Children’s Ministry. 

Nursery: Newborn - Kindergarten

Purpose: To provide a safe, secure, orderly, and caring environment to attend and accommodate 0-kindergarten children during the Sunday meeting.

Looking For: Joyful, gentle & caring members to serve in children’s nursery room. 

Serving Schedule: Members serve once per month from 10:00-11:45 AM. Parent participation required if you have children being served in Children’s Ministry. 

Hospitality Team

Purpose: Serve a variety of church events with hospitality that includes before church receptions, dinners, special Sunday events, picnics, and various church functions hosted by pastors and other similar venues. Includes setup, serving, and clean up.

Looking For: Individuals with a desire to serve others. Have an interest and joy for hospitality, serving, food handling and some decorating.    

Serving Schedule: Regular monthly rotations and as scheduled per event by the team leader.

Greeting Team

Purpose: To provide God-glorifying service in the form of greeting, ushering, serving communion and distributing church information and other literature.

Looking For: Volunteers who are joyful, outward-focused, love getting members and guests. Need to be flexible with the tasks assigned to them.

Serving Schedule: Team members serve as assigned by the team leader are asked to arrive at the church by 10:00 AM on the mornings they serve. 

Sign Team/Parking Team  

Purpose: To set up / take down church signs and create an atmosphere of welcoming grace as they provide parking greeting direction to members and guests. 

Looking For: Volunteers who express warmth, joy, a heart for guests and have the ability to stand for extended period of time in all kinds of weather. 

Serving Schedule: Team members serve in rotation as assigned by the team leader. Signs are setup by 9:45 AM Sunday mornings. 

Computer Projection Team

Purpose: To provide media projection services that include lyric and sermon slides, special video and computer audio file support to enhance the Sunday experience and communication of the gospel. 

Looking For: Individuals to prepare the projection computer during the week before the Sunday meeting. You will be trained to use ProPresenter. 

Serving Schedule: Team members assigned to serve per the team leader. 

Sound Team

Purpose: To electrically capture, amplify, and broadcast the proclamation of the Gospel so that the whole church community can see, sing and hear God’s word clearly.

Looking For: Individuals with some sound board experience to set-up audio/video equipment and participate in live production during the Sunday meeting. We will train you. 

Serving Schedule: Team members serve from 9:45-11:45 one Sunday per month. 

Security Team

Purpose: To provide a secure environment at all church functions and events.

Looking For: Individuals with health care/emergency response backgrounds and/or individuals able to engage and respond graciously to enforce church security policies.   

Serving Schedule: Rotating schedule Sunday mornings and assigned church events.

Counting Team

Purpose: To receive and accurately count offering monies collected during Sunday church meetings.

Looking for: Members must be of established character and responsibility, with demonstrated skills in counting and tabulating money.

Serving schedule: Team members serve for approximately thirty minutes after the conclusion of the Sunday meeting on two consecutive Sundays per month.

Prayer Team

Purpose: Pray for all the elements of the Sunday meeting and that God will be revealed clearly every Sunday meeting through preaching, worship, fellowship and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Pray with others after the meeting. Attend other prayer events. 

Looking For: People who love to pray for God to be glorified and meet His people.

Serving Schedule: Serve twice per monthSunday mornings before and after the service. 

Set Up / Take Down Team

Purpose: To prepare and steward the building for Sunday meetings and restore it to appropriate conditions afterwards. Includes setting up chairs, arranging exiting furniture, setting up curtains and sound system. 

Looking For: Capable men and women eager to serve the church and care for the facility. Lifting required for some tasks. Great for Parent/Child serving opportunities.  

Serving Schedule: Team members serve before and after the service from 9:30 AM two consecutive Sundays per month.

Communion Team

Purpose: To set-up communion materials and assist in creating an atmosphere of grace while serving communion on the appointed Sunday.

Looking for: Individuals who are gracious, capable of filling and serving communion trays. Great for Parent/Child serving opportunities.

Serving schedule: Team members serve once per month on Communion Sunday as assigned and are asked to arrive at the church by 9:45 AM.


Worship Team

Purpose: To glorify Christ and serve His people by providing praise and worship music Sunday mornings.

Looking for: Members who enjoy expressive worship in song, and have appropriate musical gifts. An audition is required. Must read the RGC worship deck and be in agreement with the theology and application of Christ exalting worship.

Serving schedule: Members of the team serve 1-3x monthly and are required to attend scheduled practices. 

Guest Reception/Follow Up

Purpose: To welcome and serve our guests following the morning service in a warm and friendly atmosphere while actively seeking opportunities to serve them. Regarding Guest Follow Up : follow up during the week with Sunday morning guests you met and seek opportunities to serve, pray for, and answer questions. 

Looking For: Members who are encouraging, friendly, gracious, outwardly-focused, and have good communication skills. Must be familiar with RGC's Exploring Membership and Mission booklet. Regarding Guest Follow Up: Member who like to pray for others, love to serve and have a heart for the lost. Must be able to communicate well over the phone.

Serving Schedule: Team members serve twice monthly for approximately 20 minutes immediately following the meeting.Regarding Guest Follow Up: Each team member serves one Sunday twice monthly making phone calls from their home. Telephone and online database training in REALM will be provided.