Like all families and all churches we have our own style and personality--things which make us unique. As you explore this website, you'll learn many things about Redeeming Grace. However, if you've ever been a part of another church, you may notice that some of the following things might make our church a little different from what you have seen elsewhere. If you have any questions about these distinctives, please feel free to talk with anyone in leadership at our church.



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We don’t have a senior pastor. Instead we are led by a team of pastors (called "elders") who seek direction from God and make decisions together. These men all have different gifts, personalities and backgrounds, which helps to bring a well-rounded perspective to the leadership of our church. Our elders are also assisted by a leadership advisory team of 4 other men. For more information on our church staff and elders, check out the "Leadership" page. You can also read more about elder led churches here.



We value God’s word highly and approach each message as God addressing us through His life-giving word. We preach expositionally- meaning 'preaching in which the main point of the biblical text being considered becomes the main point of the sermon being preached'. We're careful to ensure we are bringing a message from the text.  We alternate between preaching through a book of the bible and a topical series. Trav and Brad share the primary preaching responsibilities in addition to having guest preachers.  To listen to past messages, go to the "Sermons" tab to listen or download a message. 



Redeeming Grace is an independent non-denominational church, which means that we hold no formal affiliation with a denomination. Our theology and teaching is reformed baptist, gospel-centered and seeks to lead people to a more intimate knowledge of and delight in Jesus that we discover throughout the whole Bible. We seek to work with other evangelical churches in our area, and partner with other Christian organization in outreach and service. We are voluntarily affiliated with The Gospel Coalition network of churches. They provide on-going pastoral training, leadership development, numerous resource materials, lay training courses, bi-annual conferences and church planting support. 



Church membership means taking the commitments the Bible calls us to make to other Christians and affirming them to a gathering of Christians in the context of a local church led by elders. We call this an Affirmation of Commitment.  


In affirming a commitment to membership in this local church, we believe you’re fulfilling 3 key elements of membership we see in scripture:

1.    Biblically identifying to the elders you’re committed to this local church;
2.    Identifying yourself to other members of this church, and
3.    Committing to the biblical and congregational responsibilities of membership. 

In summary, you’re promising with God’s help to obey all that he’s commanded you about living life together in community with other believers. 

If you're not already part of our church family, we'd love to have you join us. We have new members classes throughout the year and you can download our new members manual called Exploring Membership and Mission here. We'd be glad to help you find your place in our church if believe this is where God is eventually calling you here.


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We don’t pass an offering plate down the rows each week, and we don't speak very often about giving. However, we do believe in the biblical practice of giving joyfully, generously, sacrificially, proportionately, faithfully and regularly!  More than half our church gives online yet we also have an offering box in the front of the meeting room we call our Generosity Box where people  can put their offerings. 



You won't find a rock band at Redeeming Grace but we do worship passionately. Presently, we worship with prerecorded tracks and our song selection is a blend of contemporary and some traditional worship sings. We sing new songs alongside ones that have been written over the last centuries of church history. Our focus is on creating a sacred space while making room for the Holy Spirit to move so you can connect & worship God through music, readings, prayer, prophesy (1 Cor 14) and reflection. 

Our Philosophy of Worship

Our worship gatherings at Redeeming Grace are formed around three main elements:

PRAISE FOR WHO GOD IS-What He's done, What He's doing and what He promises to do.
HONESTY ABOUT WHO WE ARE -Redeemed sinners not perfect but forgiven and in progress of being made  and formed more and more like Christ. 
FREEDOM AND REDEMPTION IN JESUS- In awe, amazed and affected by what Jesus has done for us by His cross- we don't deserve it and couldn't earn it yet we have received it by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. 

-There is a good God who created all things, including us. He is worthy of our worship and we praise Him for all of His beauty and majesty.

-We have fallen short of His glory in our sinful ways and we need to be honest about the many ways that we fall short in our own lives.

-When we are honest with God about our shortcomings, He meets us with forgiveness, grace, mercy, and the power to change by the Holy Spirit and His word at work in us.

This, in essence, is the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. Our hope is to rehearse and remember this truth every weekend when we gather so that we can hear from God and be filled by His Spirit to go out into the world and live as followers of Jesus.